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The Dekalb County Schools will have Virtual Learning starting this Fall. While we were planning to have our Traditional School Classes, the rise in the number of cases in the Coronavirus has forced us to make a decision to remain closed until further noticed or until we can provide an environment where parents, chldren and staff can feel safe. 

Virtual Learning Start Date:

August 17, 2020

No After School:

We Will Not Offer After School Hours in the Fall

Mask Required:

Students Will Be Expected to Wear a Mask!


As we continue to navigate our way through the many questions and issues related to re-opening as a result of COVID-19 in Georgia, please find some important information and changes below:

We are taking extra steps to help aid in slowing down this harmful germ as much as possible, and prayerfully these changes will help cut back on the exposure of the coronavirus to our staff and students. 

1. Our Enrollment for each class will have ten (10) students or less.

2. We have decided to cut our week to a four (4) day physical learning week. Monday thru Thursday students will meet physically and on Fridays students will meet virtually with their teachers.

3. Our hours to be open for physical school will be 7:30 am - 3:30 pm Monday thru Thursday. No After School hours.

4. Pre-K3, Pre-K4 and K5 Students will be expected to wear a Full Face Mask while in school. Purple or Black Mask are the only Colors that can be worn to school. No Characters, Pictures or Words, however the child's name or Academy Logo can be placed on the bottom of mask. Mask can be purchased for $10 from the School.

5. 1st thru 6th Grade Students will be expected to wear a Purple or Black Cloth Mask. No Characters, Pictures or Words, however the child's name or Academy Logo can be embroidered on the bottom of mask. Mask can be purchased from the School @ 5 for $15 or $5 each.

6. In addition, as children and staff enter the building a designated staff will be responsible for checking each Child's Temperature and Staff Temperature. If the child's temperature or Staff temperature is 100.4 degrees they WILL NOT be allowed to stay at the school.

7. Children and staff will also be expected to Wash Their Hands or go to the hand Sanitizing Station immediately after entering the school building in the mornings.

8. Teachers and all staff will be expected to wear a mask and a Clear Face Shield during school hours.

9. During Lunch Hours students will eat in their classrooms or in a divided cubicle in the cafeteria with their class only.

10. We are taking the necessary measures to Sanitize our classroom and facility on a daily bases, as well as, to enforce as much as possible social distancing in the classrooms.

Academy Emergency Plans

Please Note: If a student or staff member test positive for the coronavirus during the school year we may be forced to shut down for 14 or more days to quarantine. Also should the virus get worse in the Dekalb County we may be forced to shut down for a period of time.

For More Information on Covid-19 Visit:

Please Continue to Pray and Practice Good Health!

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