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Academic Policies

Standardized Testing 

The Shekinah Glory Tabernacle (SGT) Christian Academic Center evaluates students' progress and achievement each year through a national assessment tool called the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS). This assessment tool is for all grades (1st-6th). Our tests are administered in April of each school year. We are Godly proud to say that over 80 % of our students score above the national percentile and/or two grades above their current grade level.

Progress Reports and Report Cards

Progress Reports are issued at the middle of each semester (9 weeks). Report Cards are issued at the end of each semester. The final report card will be available at the end of the school year. (All accounts must be clear). 

Grading System (School Age Children)

The following grading system will be observed for all subjects both core and non-core. All class work, homework, projects, quizes and test in core and non-core subjects) are considered in determining a student’s grade. 

Percentage Grade Scale Letter Grade GPA

A 90-100 B 80-89 C 70-79 F 69 and below

NOTE: Preschool and Kindergarten students will be issued letter grades. No percentages will be calculated. Preschool students will be issued E (Excellent), S (Satisfactory), N (Need Improvement).

Deficiency Notices If a student receives a grade lower than a C on a subject exam or is carrying a deficient average in a core subject, a deficiency notice will be sent to the parent/guardian identifying the academic area of concern. If applicable, the deficiency notice will inform the student and parent of the scheduling of remedial package / work in order to reinforce the learning objective that caused the student difficulty. In some cases, an immediate parent conference may be requested by the classroom teacher. Parents must sign the deficiency notice and return it to the classroom teacher. 

Preparedness for Class Students must come to class with all supplies, books, and materials needed for full participation in the day's activities (Refer to the school supply list and the class syllabus for details). 

Homework Students will receive homework Monday - Thursday, or preschool children may receive a homework packet once per week containing assignments designated for each night of the week. No homework will be given on Fridays.

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